First, confirm that you are using the right method to add your travel plans to your Trips List:

  • If you were signed into your Expedia account when you booked your itinerary, please confirm that you are signed into the app. Many itinerary issues are resolved by signing out and back in to the app.
  • If you did not sign into your account when you booked your itinerary, or if you booked as a guest, please add it manually, using your email address and itinerary number.

It’s also possible your app’s Country setting does not match the desktop website that you used to book your itinerary. Expedia itineraries are location-specific. For example, if you use, select the "United States" Country setting in the app. To update your app with the correct Country setting:

  1. Launch the Expedia app, and tap Account.
  2. Tap Country.
  3. On the Country screen, select your Expedia website’s corresponding country, and then tap OK.

After updating your Country setting, sign in or manually enter your itinerary number to view your upcoming trips.

Keep in mind that itineraries made or changed over the phone through a Booking agent cannot currently be displayed in the app:

If you changed your Country setting but are still having trouble, please send us an email so we can help.